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Biomedical Waste

Most wastes generated by hospitals and medical clinics are non-hazardous general wastes from non-clinical activities (i.e., including kitchen wastes, office materials, workshop residuals) and patient processing activities in wards which are not handling infectious diseases (i.e., first aid packaging, used but emptied disposable bed liners and diapers, disposable masks, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.).
Potentially hazardous wastes from hospitals and clinics which have a pathogenic, chemical, explosive, or radioactive nature are called “medical wastes”. Medical wastes include the following:

  • Pathological wastes (i.e., body parts, aborted fetus, tissue and body fluids from surgery; and dead infected laboratory animals);

  • Infectious waste (i.e., surgical dressings and bandages, infected laboratory beddings, infectious cultures and stocks from laboratories, and all waste from patients in isolation wards handling infectious diseases such as COVID 19)

  • Sharps (i.e., needles, syringes, used instruments, broken glass)

  • Pharmaceutical wastes (i.e., soiled or out-of-date pharmaceutical products, expired vaccines)

  • Chemical wastes (i.e., spent solvents, disinfectants, pesticides and diagnostic chemicals)

  • Aerosols (i.e., aerosol containers or gas canisters which may explode if incinerated or punctured)

  • Radioactive wastes (i.e., sealed sources in instruments, and open sources used in vitro diagnosis or nuclear medical therapy)

  • Sludges from any on-site wastewater treatment facilities may be potentially hazardous.

With the healthcare industry moving to a financial model that is based on value rather than volume, Greenark Waste Management Solutions can be your partner in reducing costs while protecting your brand and reputation. With a reputation for ethical practices and a myriad of environmental services that help you stay compliant, we’ll help you stay ahead of your industry’s rapidly evolving needs.

Whether you operate an acute care hospital, clinic, or an entire healthcare system, your job is to ensure patients receive the best quality care. Thus, even the smallest service interruption can interfere with that high-quality care you take pride in delivering. Our job is to provide a variety of efficient and regulatory-compliant environmental solutions for all types of healthcare providers to create a safe healthy and congenial work environment for your staff and clients and the general public.

At Greenark Waste Management Solutions, we understand the complex demands of treating and disposing of all healthcare facility-generated waste streams, and much more, the importance of keeping waste streams properly segreGatessd to minimize final disposal costs.

We further work with you to develop seamless, convenient solutions to protect patients, workers, and the environment, while helping to minimize waste and reduce costs. As part of that process, we provide customized training programs to ensure that every staff member is educated and motivated to classify, handle and dispose of regulated medical waste appropriately.