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Pharmaceutical Waste

Through medical research, it has been discovered that improper disposal of pharmaceutical waste leads to contamination of drinking water and ground water, which could threaten the existence of aquatic life. At Greenark Waste Management Solutions, we take the appropriate measures to ensure that wastes such as pills, powders, or liquids are disposed through safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly processes.

Biomedical waste treatment option

Incineration is a proven circular approach in reducing and recovering significant amounts of waste all over the world. With regulatory compliance acting as its foundation, this method can develop additional renewable energy sources, which can then be plugged back into the grid for our operations.

Advantages of Medical Waste Incineration over Other Method:

  • Suitable for every type of medical waste generated in healthcare processes.

  • Much less end-products unlike other methods such as sterilization/ autoclave or microwave

  • No contamination possibility of end product

  • No possibility of containing viruses or bacteria’s in the flue gas.

Most appropriate and ultimate way of disposing medical waste in current environment.