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Specialised Services

1. Mobile Waste Transfer Services

We provide waste transfer services for general waste collected by tricycle operators in densely populated areas. By providing this intervention we are able to reduce the turn-around-time for these tricycle operators as well as reduce the risk of accidents as they travel long distance over the highway to dispose the waste or stay stay in long winding traffic to cover one trip. This is done through the use of our dump truck that we station at approved locations which are easily accessible by each municipal assembly that accessible by these tricycle waste collectors.

2. Illicit Drugs and Narcotics Disposal Services

The controlled destruction of confiscated illicit drugs stored for evidence by law enforcement agencies and disposal of seized, forfeited or voluntarily abandoned and unclaimed personal property under the custody of Ghana Police Service, military installation located in any part of the country. Greenark makes use of a portable mobile incinerator capable destroying illicit or drugs onsite under controlled surveillance guidelines to maintain trust and reliability our services.

3. Document and Data Destruction Services

Documents must be disposed of properly when they have exceeded their retention period, contain clerical errors, or when an office has transitioned to digitization. Non-working and retired assets need a defined process made up of secure procedures to ensure proper and consistent disposal. That’s where Greenark Waste Management Solutions comes in to assist. At Greenark, we understand the importance of eliminating sensitive data and we strive to deliver the most efficient solutions by making sure that shredded material not only comes into contact with approved hands but are incinerated, so as not to come in contact with someone of malicious intent who may sell it to unscrupulous parties. As policy, our documents destruction are performed on-site, at a business office or a home, unless otherwise preferred by the client at our secured document shredding and/or incineration facility.

Some of the service areas include:

  • Data Destruction
    The medical industry not only needs paper documents and data shredded, but medical data to also be properly removed and destroyed. Fraud is rampant in healthcare due in part to the huge amount of paper in this still very non-digitized industry. Plus, healthcare businesses have to deal with HeFRA compliance. Documents must be disposed of properly when they have exceeded their retention period, and we are best placed to offer our superior service to you.

  • Legal Document Destruction
    Attorneys rely on paper. It’s just the nature of the industry, as courts, prisons and treatment facilities also rely on paper due to the requirement largely of signatures. Attorneys also take copious notes on paper throughout their cases and the discovery process. This amounts to a ton of documents that must be disposed of properly, which lawyers take very seriously.

  • Government ministries or agencies data destruction
    The privacy and security of government documents is more stringent than in other industries, and as such must meet higher standards. That’s why our service meets the requirements

  • Financial service data Destruction

  • School Document Destruction
    Once students graduate, what happens to their records? They can’t be held onto forever. Marked scripts, handouts and other student records must destroyed after their retention periods expires or when no outstanding review requests by other schools or parents

4. Consultancy and Training Services

Healthcare Waste Management is inextricably linked to infection control & prevention, occupational health & safety, patient safety, and environmental protection. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive detailed solution for developing waste Healthcare Risk Waste management plans for healthcare facilities using current I-RAT tool to generate empirical data for rapid assessment for prompt decision making.
We train your staff on the stepwise implementation of the plan with quality control indicators in measuring and monitoring compliance.
Our framework is ISO 45001 and 14001 compliant and allows for seamless integration of requirements for these standards for these accreditation and compliance audit programes.